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Happy Sping from the staff at the Iseman Homes Minot branch.  Thank you for you visiting our website.  We encourage you to browse our homes on the website or stop in to see them in person.  Visit with our knowledgeable housing specialists Jenn Schoffstall or Wayne McNamara for help finding your new home!  Minot's Iseman Homes will not only sell you a house; we're there for you from the time you decide to look for a house until you finally get to move into your dream home.  We have one of the finest set crews in the state skilled in all aspects of installing your home and Iseman Homes will work closely with you following the installation to getting everything just right!  As a company that has existed for almost 100 years, we are committed to our customers!


Our phone number is: (701) 839-0039 Email: info@isemanhomes.com

Current Listings (Click image to see more details):

  Make/Model Bd Bath SqFt Width Length
/ Berthold lots 0 0.0 90 198
17-0000-101 Berthold lots
Redman Homes / Fenton 3 2.0 1820 32 60
17-1784-102 Land/Home in Berthold, ND Redman Fenton 32x60
Clayton / Ward 9006-1 4 2.0 1836 28 68
17-77158 -103 28x68 Land/Home in Minot, ND Clayton
North Star / Roanoke 3 2.5 1904 45 56
North Star Roanoke
Redman / Apollo 3276-01 3 2.0 2183 32 72
17-704672-109 Redman Apollo 32x72
Highland IRC / PV3264 IRC 3 2.0 1920 32 64
17-2547-111 Highland IRC 32x64
Highland IRC / 3254-1 3 2.0 1620 32 54
17-2214-112 Highland IRC 32x54
Highland / HE 2856-3C 3 2.0 1494 28 56
17-2251-120 Highland Estates 28x56
Clayton / WARD 4 2.0 1836 28 68
17-379455-130 Clayton WARD 28x68
Clayton Homes - Hart / 5228-601 3 2.0 1404 28 52
17-105796-150 Hart Fusion 28x52
Clayton Homes - Hart / 7616-500 3 2.0 1165 16 76
17-100679-155 Hart Farmstead 16x76
Redman / Sonic 1680-907 3 2.0 1173 16 76
17-4796-159 Redman Sonic 16x76
Clayton / Pulse 6616-711 3 2.0 1012 16 66
17-104403-160 Pulse 16x66
Hart / 7616-683 3 2.0 1165 16 76
17-105630-161 Hart Fusion 16x76



If you are planning to buy a home, and you have been searching for an affordable Manufactured Home in Minot, ND, Our Minot, ND Manufactured/ Manufactured Homes would be a great solution for you. Minot, ND manufactured homes are an affordable quality option. Our selection of Manufactured Homes in Minot, ND, is second to none.

Manufactured homes sold by Iseman Homes in Minot, ND are the highest Quality in the area. Our Minot, ND Modular Homes can be tailored to your specific choices. There are many advantages to living in the Manufactured homes sold by Iseman Homes Minot, ND. These homes are spacious and accommodate any size family.

Manufactured/Manufactured homes in Minot, ND are now fast evolving as one of the most preferred types of housing. Manufactured homes can be custom made for your specifications in Minot, ND, with existing homes also available for rent and for resale.

Iseman Homes also has space rentals available for you to place your manufactured home with low monthly rates and move in specials.

Minot, ND manufactured homes are very convenient for seasonal residence or perfect for retirement.


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Iseman Homes is one of the nation’s leaders in manufactured home sales with offices in seven states. Founded in 1920, Iseman was an industry pioneer in bringing the benefits of manufactured homes to market. For more information please navigate to your nearest Iseman Sales Center, or email us now!


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